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How to Take Care of Your Curly Hair

Curly hair is always difficult to style. They are usually dry and frizzy, prone to breakage and damage. They are also difficult to manage because they tangle easily and break in a snap. This is why you need to be extra careful with it.

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Curly hair is beautiful. It gives more character and distinction to a person. Although it is nice to have a straight hair occasionally, curls are just as great. It gives the person various images. Wavy curls are very sexy to look at and very feminine too. The perception for short little curls on the other hand is often strong and fierce.

In order to display your curls at its best, you have to learn how to take care of them. Here are some pointers that you can use:

· Use the right hair devices. Blow drying everyday is torture for the hair because of the heat. However, if you choose the right hair dryer, you will not worry about heat anymore. The tourmaline hair dryers are good for your hair. Hair dries fast and it allows hair to absorb moisture. This makes the hair healthier.

· Use the right hair product. Curly hair is usually dry and frizzy. Choose a shampoo designed for this hair type. Use a conditioner daily as well. Before putting anything on your hair make sure that it will not cause it to dry. Most of the hair products available today contain chemicals that threaten dry hair When you have dry curly hair your main concern is keeping it moisturized.

· Before styling or blow-drying your hair free it of the tangles. Gently stroke your wide teeth comb through your hair and carefully free it off the tangles. Do not force the comb through your hair Keep in mind that it easily breaks and forcing the comb through will just cause more damage.

· When it is already free of tangles, avoid combing it every now and then. Combing your hair will only invite damage.

· Use a diffuser when blow drying your hair The diffuser minimizes the heat and helps in its even distribution. The curls also stay beautiful after blow-drying. If you have thick curls, you will need higher heat settings but this will not be a problem if you have the tourmaline hair dryers, which are very friendly to dry and frizzy hair.

Curly hair is beautiful. It provides so much personality to an individual. However, it is a challenge to style and manage. The hair is prone to damage when handled incorrectly. This is why you have to be gentle with it. Choose the right tools to use in styling it. Pick a blower that will enhance the beauty of your hair Choose one that locks in moisture and keeps your hair healthy. Be careful with the hair products too. Choose those especially designed for dry curly hair to make sure it will not worsen the condition of your hair Carefully deal with the tangles and use the hair diffuser to keep your hair under control.

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How to Straighten Your Curly Hair

Before you start pulling and tugging your hair with brush, combs and application of heat, the best way to start straightening your hair is prepare your materials. Make sure that it is with in your reach as this procedure is a do it yourself thing. So it is much better and for your convenience too, to make sure that everything you need is at hand. This can be energy and time saving. The materials you need are your hair straightener, clips, comb or brush, and your hair dryers. You can also prepare you spray net if in any case you want to style your hair or heat protection spray to be more secure.

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The most important thing you need to do is wash your hair. Make sure you apply conditioner, as using hairdryers would mean applying heat. This way even though later you will be using tremendous amount of heat, your hair will still have the moisture needed to make it soft and silky. After washing your hair, it is important that you should be drying your hair naturally or if you want you can use blow dryer to make it quicker. Drying your hair should be done after you have already removed the excess water from your hair. This is needed to be done to make drying easy. Also you need to divide your hair into segments but not as thin as what you do when you start straightening your hair. This will allow you to cover all areas. Doing this way would make the next step easier to do.

After drying your hair with professional hair dryers, you have to divide it into parts. It all depends on you but to make it easier when using the hair straightener, make sure to tackle first the bottom part. So in dividing, you can use clips to hold your hair leaving the bottom part dangling. To start straightening your hair, grab a section that is a half inch thick. Then start combing this portion of the hair to remove the knots. Hold this segment with one hand and use the other hand to grab and hold the hair straightener. Clamp the device as close to your roots and run it down in one movement. Do this repeatetively with the other segments.

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After you finish doing the rest of the hair, comb your hair again and check out the results on the mirror. Check, out if there are missed spots before you go ahead to turn off your hair straightened and your ionic hairdryers. As you finish styling it, be careful not to spray water or any water-based solution on it as it may destroy the form although you can use silicone based hair shine solution. Then you can go on and experiment on your hair by using accessories or you can add a wavy look to it.

Therefore, these are the simple steps in straightening and drying your hair with your best hair dryers. And you can simply do this anywhere just as long as you have all the materials needed for it.