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How to Take Care of Your Curly Hair

Curly hair is always difficult to style. They are usually dry and frizzy, prone to breakage and damage. They are also difficult to manage because they tangle easily and break in a snap. This is why you need to be extra careful with it.

Use high speed hair dryer from Olayerpro hair dryer manufacturer will solve the curly hair issue.

Curly hair is beautiful. It gives more character and distinction to a person. Although it is nice to have a straight hair occasionally, curls are just as great. It gives the person various images. Wavy curls are very sexy to look at and very feminine too. The perception for short little curls on the other hand is often strong and fierce.

In order to display your curls at its best, you have to learn how to take care of them. Here are some pointers that you can use:

· Use the right hair devices. Blow drying everyday is torture for the hair because of the heat. However, if you choose the right hair dryer, you will not worry about heat anymore. The tourmaline hair dryers are good for your hair. Hair dries fast and it allows hair to absorb moisture. This makes the hair healthier.

· Use the right hair product. Curly hair is usually dry and frizzy. Choose a shampoo designed for this hair type. Use a conditioner daily as well. Before putting anything on your hair make sure that it will not cause it to dry. Most of the hair products available today contain chemicals that threaten dry hair When you have dry curly hair your main concern is keeping it moisturized.

· Before styling or blow-drying your hair free it of the tangles. Gently stroke your wide teeth comb through your hair and carefully free it off the tangles. Do not force the comb through your hair Keep in mind that it easily breaks and forcing the comb through will just cause more damage.

· When it is already free of tangles, avoid combing it every now and then. Combing your hair will only invite damage.

· Use a diffuser when blow drying your hair The diffuser minimizes the heat and helps in its even distribution. The curls also stay beautiful after blow-drying. If you have thick curls, you will need higher heat settings but this will not be a problem if you have the tourmaline hair dryers, which are very friendly to dry and frizzy hair.

Curly hair is beautiful. It provides so much personality to an individual. However, it is a challenge to style and manage. The hair is prone to damage when handled incorrectly. This is why you have to be gentle with it. Choose the right tools to use in styling it. Pick a blower that will enhance the beauty of your hair Choose one that locks in moisture and keeps your hair healthy. Be careful with the hair products too. Choose those especially designed for dry curly hair to make sure it will not worsen the condition of your hair Carefully deal with the tangles and use the hair diffuser to keep your hair under control.

Olayer is a professional hair straightener manufacturer that makes Hair Styling Tools, a leading supplier of Professional Hair Straighteners.

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The Olayer Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron is one of the best hairstyling tools you have ever used. It plates are made from solid tourmaline ceramic and suitable on all types of hair. You must be impressed on its work. You can beautifully control your hair. It removes the frizzy mode and gently makes your hair smooth, shiny and straight.

If you are looking for a great flat iron which will work longer period and within your budget then go for the Olayer Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron. It is one of the best and popular hair straightener.

It works well on all sorts of hair. It is really a nice one for the short and medium length hair as its plates are 1 inch wide. If your hair is long you can take the 1.5 inch width plates on this model. However you can use the 1 inch hair straightener model for your long hair. It is made in a special way that can suit easily on all length and kind of hair. It never twists up as its cord is quiet long.

Before straightening you must take the shower with conditioner. Then blow dry the hair and make some sections of your hair. After that you apply the flat iron on each section. This process will save your time and keep your hair straight for a long time. You might also use the hair protecting serum to avoid any kind of damages.


The Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron from Olayer private label flat irons manufacturer contains the adjustable temperature settings. It starts from 200 degrees F and heats up to 450 degree F. If your hair is curly, kinky or coarse then try with the full temperature. For natural or fine hair apply the below temperature. It is very easy to change the temperature. Within 1 or 2 pass your hair will be straight.


The Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron made by Olayer wholesale hair styling tools manufacturer never snags or pulls out your hair as its plates are super smooth. It always keeps away the frizzy mood from your hair. You can use it every day but make the temperature between 320-360 degrees.


Sometimes the outside of the flat iron get very hot. So you need to be careful as it might burn your hand. But if you hold at the last of the iron you can use it easily as that side is not too hot. Never use it on wet hair. It might damage your hair.

Product nameOlayer Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron
Specialtymakes the hair shiny, silky with smooth shape
Suitable hair typeAll sort of hair (natural, fine or curly)
Why should you buy the productPlates are made from solid tourmaline ceramicHeats up quicklyDifferent temperature settings
Wet hairCannot use on wet hair
Dry hairCan use on dry hair
Positive sideRemoves all frizzy and damaging mode of hair
Negative sideSometimes the outside of the iron gets very hot
Price of the productContact Olayer hair styling tools wholesale company to get wholesale price
TemperatureAdjustable temperature for any hair type.
WeightLight weight
Work possibilityIt can make both straight or curly hair
SizeRegular size
Including accessoriesSolia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat IronUser manual guide
Warranty2 years
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How Often You Should Replace Your Hair Dryer?

Want to know how often you should replace your hair dryer? This may depend on several factors, but we’re going to go into all of them so you can discover whether or not its time to buy the new best hair dryer on the market, or if you can get away with keeping the one you already have. Don’t throw your dryer out until you read this!

Olayer is hair dryer company in China that have been manufacturing high speed hair dryer and other hair dryers over 15 years, By our rich knowledge of manufacturing hair fashions tools over 15 years since 2006, we made the highest quality of hair curling tools and had been support lots of hair tools wholesalers or retail companies over the world and built the high reputation at our customers. we are not only hair dryer manufacturer but also hair styler tools manufacturer as well, the hair irons we make including cold hair flat iron, automatic cold air hair curler, hair removal and other electric application goods. oem/odm contract manufacture hair tools, private label hair irons services.

First See if You Need to Clean It

Many people wondering if it’s time to replace their blow dryer might not be aware that their current dryer is still able to function well. In a lot of cases, it just needs a good cleaning. The filter, vents, and screens can get dirty relatively quickly, which causes a lot of performance issues. It might not be heating up as well as it used to, or it may be overheating and making unusually loud noises. If this is the case, your dryer may not need replaced – rather, you may need to clean it.

Typical Lifespan of Hair Dryers

If you found that cleaning it hasn’t taken care of the problems, then your hair dryer may need replaced. You can compare it to the typical lifespan of blow dryers. Different resources say different things, but many point to 200 to 300 hours as an average life expectancy for a dryer. With light use, some people can keep a dryer for 3 or 4 years. This lifespan only amounts to less than 2 years for those who might use it daily.

What’s the best way to find out how often you should replace your hair dryer? Contact the manufacturer of the product to get a better idea. If they offered you a warranty, then consult that document for a clear statement. A good way to tell is based on how it performs after being cleaned. It should be running at a normal temperature (not overheating) with full power and no strange sounds. If it’s not doing this, then it’s time to get it replaced.

Ready to Replace it? Product Reviews and Warranties Are Important

If you need to replace your hair dryer, then consider buying one that is known to last for some time. This is when product reviews and warranties come in. First, make sure you check up on the latest info when it comes to high quality dryers and their performance. It doesn’t make sense to go out and buy whatever happens to be on sale at the time. Browse around online to find a good replacement for the one you had by reading hair dryer reviews from people who actually used the models available today.

hair dryer made by Olayer hair straightener manufacturer will last long life time and will have 2 years after sale service, you will not have any worries if buy hair dryer from Olayer China hair dryer wholesale company.

Warranties are another thing you want to consider when buying a replacement blow dryer. If you want to avoid the trouble of getting a cheap dryer that stopped working after just a few months, then look for one that is backed by a strong warranty. Some manufacturers will give you a new one if yours stops working before the warranty is up.

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How to Straighten Your Curly Hair

Before you start pulling and tugging your hair with brush, combs and application of heat, the best way to start straightening your hair is prepare your materials. Make sure that it is with in your reach as this procedure is a do it yourself thing. So it is much better and for your convenience too, to make sure that everything you need is at hand. This can be energy and time saving. The materials you need are your hair straightener, clips, comb or brush, and your hair dryers. You can also prepare you spray net if in any case you want to style your hair or heat protection spray to be more secure.

When you use hair straightening tools, we suggest you use Olayer Ceramic Hair straightener, because this hair straightening tool has negative Ion and cold blowing air to cool you hot hair from the heating directly after straightening.

The most important thing you need to do is wash your hair. Make sure you apply conditioner, as using hairdryers would mean applying heat. This way even though later you will be using tremendous amount of heat, your hair will still have the moisture needed to make it soft and silky. After washing your hair, it is important that you should be drying your hair naturally or if you want you can use blow dryer to make it quicker. Drying your hair should be done after you have already removed the excess water from your hair. This is needed to be done to make drying easy. Also you need to divide your hair into segments but not as thin as what you do when you start straightening your hair. This will allow you to cover all areas. Doing this way would make the next step easier to do.

After drying your hair with professional hair dryers, you have to divide it into parts. It all depends on you but to make it easier when using the hair straightener, make sure to tackle first the bottom part. So in dividing, you can use clips to hold your hair leaving the bottom part dangling. To start straightening your hair, grab a section that is a half inch thick. Then start combing this portion of the hair to remove the knots. Hold this segment with one hand and use the other hand to grab and hold the hair straightener. Clamp the device as close to your roots and run it down in one movement. Do this repeatetively with the other segments.

If you are looking for hair straightener manufacturer and want to get wholesale price of hair styling tools or hair flat iron, you can go to olayer hair styling tools company as well, they will offer you the best price and the highest quality for hair straightener and other hair tools.

After you finish doing the rest of the hair, comb your hair again and check out the results on the mirror. Check, out if there are missed spots before you go ahead to turn off your hair straightened and your ionic hairdryers. As you finish styling it, be careful not to spray water or any water-based solution on it as it may destroy the form although you can use silicone based hair shine solution. Then you can go on and experiment on your hair by using accessories or you can add a wavy look to it.

Therefore, these are the simple steps in straightening and drying your hair with your best hair dryers. And you can simply do this anywhere just as long as you have all the materials needed for it.

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Sincere Tech. is your true partner for on-time, high quality, cost-effective injection moulding. We are large enough to meet your high volume production requirements, yet small enough to provide the same level of service for low volume and pre-production quantities. Sincere Tech. takes pride in providing personalized service for our customers varied needs, which include defect free products, fast and at competitive pricing.
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Sincere Tech. provides light assembly and decorating services to our customers giving them the advantage of getting complete assembled and/or decorated parts without disrupting their existing manufacturing lines and in most cases at a much lower cost. Our services include but are not limited to:
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Outsourced Painting,
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Design Review & Analysis Large Internal Technical Staff Mold Design For Improved Part Designs Secure FTP Site File Management CAD Software PRO-Engineer CADKey Solidworks Solidview


  • Advanced Quality Planning
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Quality starts at the beginning of every project at Sincere Tech. This provides the added benefit of communicating the customer’s requirements during the mold design & build process. Sincere Tech has systems in place to insure that our customer’s expectations are consistently met. Sincere Tech. is also ISO 9001:2000 compliant. All production runs are supervised through our quality system with a fully staffed professional quality assurance team.

  • Documented Quality Plans
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The 5 Keys to Quality at Sincere Tech.

  1. Define the Requirements
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Chinese Molding Company

There are lots of Chinese Molding Companies in Jinan International Machine Tool Die Show “since its inception has been successfully held for the eleventh row, each scheduled for the end of February or early March in the provincial capital city of Jinan, held in exhibitors and professional visitors formed a habit of regularly visiting exhibitors in the the industry has also formed a good reputation, has grown into the east, Bohai Bay area covers the whole field of machine tool die industry, industry event.

The last show on February 26, 2009 to 28 in Jinan Shungeng International Convention and Exhibition Center, with a total exhibition area of 20,000 square meters exhibition attracted a total of 398 exhibitors, in the three-day exhibition period, a total of attracting 14480 visitors . More than 90% of exhibitors exhibitors to obtain a satisfactory result.

Jinan core businesses:

1, transport equipment industry: heavy duty truck, Geely, the car, two scooters, hair-powered equipment manufacturing industry: Qilu motor, Ji-pot

3, new energy industry: power of Connaught, Sang Le, Huayi, Alexander silicon carbide material 4, the electronic information industry: Qilu Software Park, the tide of the record, ZTE

5, numerical control machine tool manufacturing industry: two machines, a machine tool, method for numerical control, Tianchen Group,

Exhibitor benefits:

1, are expected to more than 30,000 professional visitors, and from the main application areas of machine tool manufacturing,Chinese molding company, plastic mold company, R & D, purchasing department’s senior management as well as policy-makers meet.

plastic mold
plastic mold

2, integrating government and foreign partners resources to help you with more contacts and communication between a large user group.

3, China Mould Merchants to build channels to help you reach more customers outside.

4, through the organization of large-scale high-level forum to help you first time to understand the status and trends in the field of machine tool applications.

5, Shandong Province, the key industrial exhibition, a number of senior government officials, association leaders, mainstream and professional media to promote their products for you, cast the brand, display the image build the stage.

6, for the important pre-show exhibitors to provide online matching services, long-term reporting key business information.

The scope of the establishment of the four exhibition galleries, a higher degree of specialization

Machine tool exhibition: CNC machine tools and machining centers, metal-cutting machine tools, lathes, milling machine, boring, boring and milling machine, grinding machine, drilling machine, sawing machine, broaching machine, planer, carving machine, EDM / WEDM, gear machine tools, special machine tools, etc. ;

Machine features, tools and accessories exhibition area: All kinds of machine tool drive and control technology, numerical control systems, machine electrical appliances, knives, cutlery, fixtures, plastic injection tooling, measuring measuring instruments, abrasives, metal cutting oil, lubricating oil, hardware tools , machine tool accessories, etc.;

Robotics, automation, instrumentation, electronics applications and manufacturing information solutions;

Forging Machinery Section: sheet metal cutting machine tools and laser cutting machines, water jet technology, punching machine, hydraulic machine, shear plate machine, bending machine, rolling machine, bending machine, automatic forging machines, peripheral equipment, etc.;

Molds and spare parts exhibition: plastic mold & plastic moulding, cold die, forging mold, die casting mold, rubber mold, metallurgy, mold and other mold steel, sheet metal (wire), aluminum alloy material, ink electrode, electrode copper material, mold parts and testing equipment .