Injection Molding Jobs

The world of plastic mold making is fast paced and rapidly changing. An important part of mold making is the injection molding design.  A mold designer and injection moulding machines are responsible for finding new ways of mold making.  He works with new technologies and should therefore be willing to learn. He should also be creative and willing to not just work with technology but also figure out how he can gain the best advantage out of it.

There are two ways to become a mold designer. The first one is by qualification. Joining a college or university to receive the required qualification is quiet common.  Some schools have great courses on injection mold designs that help students to find out the Injection molding jobs.

On the other hand the second option is to learn at work. A plastic mold maker can later enter the design field if he wants. Mold designers who later enter the design area bring with them a practical knowhow of their work. This gives them an edge over those without any practical experience.

Mold designers work in close relation with the mold makers.  This is because the designed made by the mold designer is used by the mold maker. Mold designers usually have shorter working hours as compared to mold makers; however their work hours are linked directly with the mold makers.

Mold designers have to work and communicate with various mold makers, WEDM operators, CNC programmers etc. To be able to be successful in this field a mold designer has to have good communication skills, and should be able to work in harmony with others.

Though mold designers have shorter working hour as compared to mold makers it is not uncommon for the mold designers to help out with the mold making. Since there is more mold making work as compared to designing most mold designers help out in their shops to ease the work load.

An injection mold designer works with advanced CAD programs. These programs however do not ease the designers work; they are merely tools for him to develop his design. Therefore a successful mold designer should be at ease with various design programs. Knowledge of relevant subjects like mechanics, physics, understanding spatial relationships is also helpful but it is not essential. An absolute essential would be the ability to visualize 3D designs.

The plastic industry is ever-growing. Therefore the mould making industry is also growing and mold making designers are always in demand.

Future therefore is bright for injection mold designers. But injection molding jobs are global. A designer does not have to be in the same state or even country as the mold maker. Many mold making designers work freelance. It is a good option for some people but it is always better to be near the plastic mold company.

Injection mold design is a highly respected injection molding jobs. The occupational hazards as compared to other jobs is low, there isn’t much unemployment. Most designers are in secure jobs which provide them with comfortable lives. Freelancing is also an option available for injection mould design; it gives the designer considerable freedom.