How Often You Should Replace Your Hair Dryer?

Want to know how often you should replace your hair dryer? This may depend on several factors, but we’re going to go into all of them so you can discover whether or not its time to buy the new best hair dryer on the market, or if you can get away with keeping the one you already have. Don’t throw your dryer out until you read this!

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First See if You Need to Clean It

Many people wondering if it’s time to replace their blow dryer might not be aware that their current dryer is still able to function well. In a lot of cases, it just needs a good cleaning. The filter, vents, and screens can get dirty relatively quickly, which causes a lot of performance issues. It might not be heating up as well as it used to, or it may be overheating and making unusually loud noises. If this is the case, your dryer may not need replaced – rather, you may need to clean it.

Typical Lifespan of Hair Dryers

If you found that cleaning it hasn’t taken care of the problems, then your hair dryer may need replaced. You can compare it to the typical lifespan of blow dryers. Different resources say different things, but many point to 200 to 300 hours as an average life expectancy for a dryer. With light use, some people can keep a dryer for 3 or 4 years. This lifespan only amounts to less than 2 years for those who might use it daily.

What’s the best way to find out how often you should replace your hair dryer? Contact the manufacturer of the product to get a better idea. If they offered you a warranty, then consult that document for a clear statement. A good way to tell is based on how it performs after being cleaned. It should be running at a normal temperature (not overheating) with full power and no strange sounds. If it’s not doing this, then it’s time to get it replaced.

Ready to Replace it? Product Reviews and Warranties Are Important

If you need to replace your hair dryer, then consider buying one that is known to last for some time. This is when product reviews and warranties come in. First, make sure you check up on the latest info when it comes to high quality dryers and their performance. It doesn’t make sense to go out and buy whatever happens to be on sale at the time. Browse around online to find a good replacement for the one you had by reading hair dryer reviews from people who actually used the models available today.

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Warranties are another thing you want to consider when buying a replacement blow dryer. If you want to avoid the trouble of getting a cheap dryer that stopped working after just a few months, then look for one that is backed by a strong warranty. Some manufacturers will give you a new one if yours stops working before the warranty is up.