Injection moulding service

Sincere Tech. is your true partner for on-time, high quality, cost-effective injection moulding. We are large enough to meet your high volume production requirements, yet small enough to provide the same level of service for low volume and pre-production quantities. Sincere Tech. takes pride in providing personalized service for our customers varied needs, which include defect free products, fast and at competitive pricing.
25 to 500 Tons 2 Shot-Over-molding Insert Molding using Vertical & Horizontal Machines Closed Loop Process Control
Automated Robotics Engineering & Commodity Materials Experience Run sizes of 100 to 1 Million
Sincere Tech. provides light assembly and decorating services to our customers giving them the advantage of getting complete assembled and/or decorated parts without disrupting their existing manufacturing lines and in most cases at a much lower cost. Our services include but are not limited to:
General Assembly Sonic Welding and Insertion Heat Staking Solvent Bonding Secondary Machining
Outsourced Painting,
Plating, & Decorating Custom Packaging JIT Logistics “Dock-To-Stock”
A successful plastics company like Sincere Tech. must have controlled procedures and processes, a clean well-organized facility and above all a team of experienced employees dedicated to operate at world-class target levels. Sincere Tech. is dedicated to providing nothing less than your complete satisfaction. 


SINCERE TECH PLASTICS’ sister division, Sincere Tech Injection Mold China & Tool with their project development team, can help to visualize product concepts, analyze product design problems and propose improvements quickly and cost effectively. Since Sincere Tech Mold & Tool builds 100% of their own tooling “in-house”, their development team completely understands how to design parts without unnecessary added costs associated with a poor design. Their engineering staff and ownership have many years of experience to help assure a successful product introduction.

Design Review & Analysis Large Internal Technical Staff Mold Design For Improved Part Designs Secure FTP Site File Management CAD Software PRO-Engineer CADKey Solidworks Solidview


  • Advanced Quality Planning
  • Full PPAP Submissions
  • FMEA/Process Studies
  • Real Time Project Reporting
  • On-Time; Every Time

Quality starts at the beginning of every project at Sincere Tech. This provides the added benefit of communicating the customer’s requirements during the mold design & build process. Sincere Tech has systems in place to insure that our customer’s expectations are consistently met. Sincere Tech. is also ISO 9001:2000 compliant. All production runs are supervised through our quality system with a fully staffed professional quality assurance team.

  • Documented Quality Plans
  • Documented Processes
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Full PPAP Submission Capability
  • Quality Equipment & Measurement Tools
    • Brown & Sharpe CMM
    • Optical Comparator
    • Table Microscope
    • Various Calipers, Height Gages, Micrometers

The 5 Keys to Quality at Sincere Tech.

  1. Define the Requirements
  2. Establish A Plan
  3. Set Performance Standards
  4. Measure To Plan Standards
  5. Review For Improvement

Chinese Molding Company

There are lots of Chinese Molding Companies in Jinan International Machine Tool Die Show “since its inception has been successfully held for the eleventh row, each scheduled for the end of February or early March in the provincial capital city of Jinan, held in exhibitors and professional visitors formed a habit of regularly visiting exhibitors in the the industry has also formed a good reputation, has grown into the east, Bohai Bay area covers the whole field of machine tool die industry, industry event.

The last show on February 26, 2009 to 28 in Jinan Shungeng International Convention and Exhibition Center, with a total exhibition area of 20,000 square meters exhibition attracted a total of 398 exhibitors, in the three-day exhibition period, a total of attracting 14480 visitors . More than 90% of exhibitors exhibitors to obtain a satisfactory result.

Jinan core businesses:

1, transport equipment industry: heavy duty truck, Geely, the car, two scooters, hair-powered equipment manufacturing industry: Qilu motor, Ji-pot

3, new energy industry: power of Connaught, Sang Le, Huayi, Alexander silicon carbide material 4, the electronic information industry: Qilu Software Park, the tide of the record, ZTE

5, numerical control machine tool manufacturing industry: two machines, a machine tool, method for numerical control, Tianchen Group,

Exhibitor benefits:

1, are expected to more than 30,000 professional visitors, and from the main application areas of machine tool manufacturing,Chinese molding company, plastic mold company, R & D, purchasing department’s senior management as well as policy-makers meet.

plastic mold
plastic mold

2, integrating government and foreign partners resources to help you with more contacts and communication between a large user group.

3, China Mould Merchants to build channels to help you reach more customers outside.

4, through the organization of large-scale high-level forum to help you first time to understand the status and trends in the field of machine tool applications.

5, Shandong Province, the key industrial exhibition, a number of senior government officials, association leaders, mainstream and professional media to promote their products for you, cast the brand, display the image build the stage.

6, for the important pre-show exhibitors to provide online matching services, long-term reporting key business information.

The scope of the establishment of the four exhibition galleries, a higher degree of specialization

Machine tool exhibition: CNC machine tools and machining centers, metal-cutting machine tools, lathes, milling machine, boring, boring and milling machine, grinding machine, drilling machine, sawing machine, broaching machine, planer, carving machine, EDM / WEDM, gear machine tools, special machine tools, etc. ;

Machine features, tools and accessories exhibition area: All kinds of machine tool drive and control technology, numerical control systems, machine electrical appliances, knives, cutlery, fixtures, plastic injection tooling, measuring measuring instruments, abrasives, metal cutting oil, lubricating oil, hardware tools , machine tool accessories, etc.;

Robotics, automation, instrumentation, electronics applications and manufacturing information solutions;

Forging Machinery Section: sheet metal cutting machine tools and laser cutting machines, water jet technology, punching machine, hydraulic machine, shear plate machine, bending machine, rolling machine, bending machine, automatic forging machines, peripheral equipment, etc.;

Molds and spare parts exhibition: plastic mold & plastic moulding, cold die, forging mold, die casting mold, rubber mold, metallurgy, mold and other mold steel, sheet metal (wire), aluminum alloy material, ink electrode, electrode copper material, mold parts and testing equipment .